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[lecture and talk videos below]

Goethe University Summer Semester 2020 

Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence Seminar:
This course is an online course. To participate, please register in the Moodle PAMI seminar course.
The date for the first meeting will be communicated via email and in the Moodle course site. 

Machine Learning II:
This course is partly an online course. All information will be provided in the Moodle course site.

Seminar on Human & Machine Intelligence 

Open to everyone

Future meetings: This seminar is currently postponed and might go virtual. Register to stay tunned: [link]
: Max Planck Institute for Empirical Aesthetics
Organized by: Dr. Nori Jacoby (MPIEA), Prof. Dr. Matthias Kaschube (FIAS & Goethe University Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting (TU Darmstadt), Prof. Dr. Stefan Kramer (Johannes Gutenberg University of Mainz), Prof. Dr. Visvanathan Ramesh (Goethe University Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Gemma Roig (Goethe University Frankfurt), Prof. Dr. Constantin A. Rothkopf (TU Darmstadt & FIAS), Prof. Dr. Jochen Triesch (FIAS & Goethe University Frankfurt)

SUTD (2017, 2018, 2019)

- Computer Vision: 4th year undergrad course
- Artificial Intelligence: 4th year undergrad course
- Introduction to Algorithms: 2nd year undergrad course
- Probability and Statistics: 2nd year undergrad course
- Digital World: 1st year undergrad course

Measuring Representation Similarities of Task-specific Vision DNN Models for Transfer Learning and Incremental Multi-task Learning

Gemma's recorded talk at the
CVPR 2020Workshop on
Continual Learning in Computer Vision

Fairness, Bias and Discrimination in AI 

Gemma's recorded lecture as part of the online course Ethical Implications of AI at
the Goethe University Frankfurt, 2020.
[Link to the whole course]

Designing Artificial Visual Intelligence Systems by Computationally Modeling Human Visual Perception

Gemma's recorded lecture at  the
2nd HBP Student Conference, 2018

Learning Data Representation:
DNN Tips and Tricks

Gemma's recorded lecture at MIT
course 9.520, class 25, 2015