I am currently a professor (W1 tenure-track) at the Computer Science Department in Goethe University Frankfurt. I am also a research affiliate at MIT. Before I was ass. prof. at Singapore University of Technology and Design.  Previously, I was a postdoc fellow at MIT in the Center for Brains Minds and Machines with Prof. Tomaso Poggio. I was also affiliated at the Laboratory for Computational and Statistical Learning. I pursued my doctoral degree in Computer Vision at ETH Zurich.

Gemma Roig, Prof. Dr.
Chair for Data Analytics and Modeling
Lab director (PI)

I am professor (W1 tenure-track) at the Computer Science Department in Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, and affiliated professor at the MIT-IBM Waston AI Lab,Cambridge, MA. Before I was researcher at the MIT-IBM Watson AI Lab and postdoc fellow at Computer Vision Group of Prof. Juergen Gall at the University of Bonn. My research interests are action recognition and video analysis as well as learning from real world data with limited or no annotation.

Hilde Kuehne, Prof. Dr.
Chair for Computer Vision and Machine Learning
Lab director (PI)

Secretary in the computer science department at Goethe University.

Ulrike Knauf

I am a PhD student at CVAI lab in Goethe University Frankfurt, where I am advised by Prof. Gemma Roig. Before starting my PhD I've worked as an Engineer at Kamitani lab in ATR, Japan and Samsung R&D India. I did my Bachelors and Masters in Electrical Engineering at IIT Kanpur. I am interested in understanding how the human visual cortex works and then apply the gained insights towards creating agents with lifelong learning capabilities. I collaborate with Radek Cichy's lab and Michael Bonner's lab towards achieving my research goal.

Kshitij Dwivedi
PhD Student

I am a PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hildegard Kuehne. I did my Bachelors and Masters at the Moscow State University, Russia, and then worked in Philips Research in Medical Image Analysis. Currently, the focus of my work is on automated action analysis in video.

Nina Shvetsova
PhD student

She is a PhD student at SUTD co-supervised by Dorien Herremans and Gemma Roig  working on affective computing.

Thao Phuong Ha Thi
PhD Student

I am a PhD student at Goethe University Frankfurt, supervised by Prof. Roig and
supported by Prof. Zicari. I did my Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science at KIT in Karlsruhe, Germany, and worked as a Machine Learning Engineer in the Netherlands.  My work is focused on the application of AI systems: how can we trust them to make fair and ethical decisions?

Dennis Vetter
PhD student

I am a graduate student in computational neuroscience at GSN-LMU and I am currently in the preparatory year prior to my PhD phase.
I joined the Free University of Berlin and Goethe University Frankfurt in September 2020 as a research intern to work on a collaborative project with Prof. Cichy and Prof. Gemma Roig. My research interest lies in how machine learning can help understand visual processing. Specifically, I am comparing the performance of different machine learning models in predicting brain data (e.g. EEG, MEG, and fMRI).

Jiashun Wang
Visiting PhD student

I am a guest scientist at Computer Vision and AI Lab (Goethe University, Frankfurt) and Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Lab (Freie Universit├Ąt Berlin). I am working on reconstructing natural videos from brain MRI signals using deep learning as a part of my thesis. I am currently pursuing an integrated dual degree- Bachelors in Computer Science Engineering and Masters in Biological Sciences from BITS Pilani, India. My research interest is to model and decipher the visual system using deep learning. I am working part-time (remotely) till May 2021 and will continue the work full-time till December 2021.

Ishaan Singh Rawal
Visiting graduate student

Master Students

Hoang Tu Ngo
Elias Poensgen
Lukas Licitar
Teresa Werthmann
Frederike Laufenberg
Daniel Pietschmann
Yannic Vorpahl 
Tim Frommknecht

Bachelor Students

Felix Nonnengie├čer
Quang Anh Hong
Jonas Roemer 
Nizar Bikti
Carla Frenzel
Sandesh Baral
Shivan Oskan
Marius Bange
Yusuf Baran
Tim Ansink
Domenic Bersch
Bipul Mani Pokhrel


* Dr. Pham Quang Hieu - PhD student at SUTD (2017-2020). Left to work in Facebook.
* Gabriel Jiahui Huang - RA at SUTD-MIT IDC  (2018-2020). Left  for a master at UBC.
* Dr. Hossein Mousavi - PostDoc at SUTD-MIT IDC (2018-2020). Left for a PostDoc at SUTD.

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